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Tobias Schmidt

Junior Partner, doctoral candidate



Tobias Schmidt, born in 1986, is Junior Partner at the IPM. He is responsible for the design, organization and marketing of the conference format "RAILWAY FORUM Berlin". As a railway expert, he is also involved in various other projects.

Mr. Schmidt had worked in operational and strategic positions in the Deutsche Bahn AG Group in Frankfurt/Main, Berlin and Paris for five years. Due to his Deutsche Bahn background, Mr. Schmidt has extensive knowledge of the railway sector. During his academic career, Mr. Schmidt studied Business Administration (BA) and International Business and Consulting (MA) at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder, writing his thesis about "Interest Groups in the European Union". His areas of expertise are: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Services and Organizational Management, Strategic Management and Business and Economic Interest Groups.

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