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Prof. Dr. Johannes Walther

Chairman of the Executive Board



Professor Dr. Johannes Walther, born in 1959, has been Chairman of IPM AG’s Management Board since 2016. He oversees the company’s business strategy. He established the Institute for Production Management, in 1999.

Since 1997, Johannes Walther has held a chair as professor for business administration with focus on production management at the Faculty of Economics - Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.
Mr. Walther is publisher of the SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT™ Journal, a member of the Advisory Board of the Volkswagen Group's Institute for Procurement, a member of the Academic Forum of Volkswagen Group Procurement, a member of Volkswagen AG's Innovative Logistics Board, and lecturer at the AutoUni of the Volkswagen Group.

Mr. Walther studied economics at the University of Hanover. After earning his doctor’s degree in 1992, he held management positions in industrial, retail and service companies.


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