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Our Concept

Business Courses are autodidactic online learning videos that we develop together with lecturers from leading universities. The courses are aimed at practitioners and professionals who want to expand their knowledge next to their professional activities. To meet the requirements of the mobile working world the short chapters are designed to be viewed in between.

At the moment we are only offering courses in german.


The Problem

Employees and managers alike are increasingly aware that new topics, trends and technologies remain unknown to them. Companies increasingly see it as a risk to hire employees with lower qualifications (shortage of skilled workers) and resign in part because even formally well-trained employees leave the state educational institutions insufficiently fit for practical work.


The Solution

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Modern digital content is flexible and makes it possible to adapt to the requirements of mobile working. Well-tailored and highly relevant content presented by first-class instructors from leading educational institutions leads to maximum learning success.

Business Courses meet exactly these criteria. They are high-quality learning videos that can be completed online in short, device-independent units. The content is characterized by maximum relevance. Business Courses are designed to meet the challenges of our time and to integrate seamlessly into everyday working life.


Available Courses

At the moment we offer the course Management of Supply Chains (in german). The course covers the basics of logistics management and central supply chain concepts.

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