Requirements for Accessing and Realizing Supplier Innovation

Dr. Stefan Winter, Prof. Dr. Rainer Lasch, TU Dresden


Due to the ongoing trend of outsourcing and shorter innovation cycles, the importance of using innovation from suppliers has increased. By means of supplier innovation, companies can improve cost, quality, and timelines of their products. However, a company has to consider certain requirements for accessing and realizing supplier innovation. Recently, different requirements have been discussed by several authors. However, to be successful companies should pursue a comprehensive approach. This contribution provides a literature research about all identified requirements for supplier innovation and classifies them into different determined categories in order to provide an overview of the different aspects which have to be considered. Furthermore, the interactions between the categories of the requirements and their application are discussed to recommend actions for practice. By means of the implementation of the requirements companies can better exploit the innovation potential of suppliers in order to remain competitive and improve their market position.

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